The Influencers’ Influence

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I have subscribed to over 500+ youtube channels, and all of them claim to be influencers of the modern digital world.

Yup, 500+ YouTubers are regularly trying to influence me, and I don’t even remember the existence of 80% of them until I see them in my feed.

Influencers were not the same six years back. Those were simpler times. YouTube India used to be driven by 20–30 big influencers, and the rest were just content creators.

Let’s Fast-forward through the internet penetration by Jio, Short content hype through Tiktok, and thus the hike of creators(self-proclaimed influencers) during the rising unemployment in Covid.

The Influencer Struggle

It’s 2022, and everywhere I go, I see wannabe influencers. Just give me a smartphone and a trendy sound. And I am all set to be the next big influencer you see for 20 seconds in your reels and then probably forget forever. The influence successfully lasted for 20 seconds. Hurray, let me keep doing that as long as people give me a part of their attention. If everything falls in place, a betting app or a shampoo brand will pay me for the attention of my followers. And now I can confidently change my bio to Actor/influencer. As I am an influencer and so many people follow me, my opinion must matter more than anyone else’s. I must say something about everything.

I am now famous on this platform. What’s the next logical step. Let me get my audience on other socials too. But why? hmm, yes, I got the perfect answer. I will tell them about what’s upcoming on the other platform, more like a notification center.

The idea for Shark Tank Season 2

I have a startup idea!

No, seriously, what if I can list all the influencers on the internet on an app? It will be precisely similar to a shopping platform. It will have categories (or niches) and add a filter and sort feature. Influencers will tell us their rates, and brands can choose accordingly. The app can make money through commissions. Or better yet, I can sell a premium version of the apps to the influencers to boost their profile to rank better. The opportunity to make money is unlimited.

If someone takes up this idea, please don’t forget to give me credits and a shoutout.

Influence of money on influencer

Talking about brands and influencers. If we look closely, influencers are trying to become brands, and brands are trying to become influencers.

Putting a dialogue on a T-shirt is now a pretty good earning source. I should start selling courses. Make once, sell multiples.

“Kickstart your journey to become the next big YouTuber, gamer, artist or any other romanticized occupation. My course includes the 7 most important lessons (10 min each) I learned in my successful journey as a youth icon. Use code MyName20 to get 20% off on purchase.”

Deep Breath!

Ending Notes (or P.S): I am surrounded by influencers like everyone else. But I don’t see the famous people I follow as influencers. Instead, I see everyone as a content creator. Some I like, some I don’t, and the rest I don’t even know exists. But I don’t give each of them the power to influence but rather to entertain.




I like writing satire

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Karan Yadav

Karan Yadav

I like writing satire

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